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Best Body Massage in Delhi

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Taking a massage after strenuous exercise, extensive travelling or a day full of chores at home is a great way to reduce body aches and pains. Massage therapies relieve body pain by healing damaged muscle tissues. They improve blood circulation which brings more oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles.

Our massage Therapist:

Our Massage and their charges

  • Body to Body Massage: Rs.2500
  • Full Body Massage: Rs.1500
  • Full Body Massage With Steam Shower: Rs.2000
  • Full Body Massage With Scrub: Rs.2000
  • Body Polishing: Rs.2000
  • Aroma massage: Rs.2000
  • Ayurvedic Potli Massage: Rs.2500
  • Traditional Massage: Rs.2000
  • Thai Massage: Rs.2500
  • Royal Thai Massage: Rs.2000
  • Ayurvedic Massage: Rs.1500
  • Swedish Massage: Rs.1500
  • Ultimate Aromatherepy: Rs.2000
  • Baliness Massage: Rs.1000
  • Sensual Massage: Rs.1500
  • Erotic Massage: Rs.3000

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